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Psychology for Business Services - Team Coaching and Support

A range of support is available from an experienced chartered psychologist able to provide business coaching services with the powerful benefits of psychology leading to:

• Enhanced effectiveness and, for trading organisations, increased profits
• Greater support for staff and therefore increasing job satisfaction and functioning
• Becoming an emotionally intelligent, ethical and respected organisation, which in turn increases your ability to meet your goals such as performance, effectiveness or profitability


This falls broadly into three types of support:
• Training
• Consultations
• Psychological support for individuals, groups and whole staff

All training is designed to suit the needs of individual businesses and organisations, so contact Stephen for information about how your business coaching needs can be met.

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Organisation
Emotional intelligence is increasingly thought to be a key ability that influences the success of all organisations, as well as individual adults and children.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise, understand, handle and appropriately express our emotions. It involves:
• How we feel
• How we think
• How we behave

An increasing number of businesses, schools and other organisations are seeking training in emotional intelligence as they realise the range of benefits including increased effectives of the business and individuals, job satisfaction, stress management and support for staff. It can affect a wide variety of skills including academic success and social interactions. A key aspect of the work of the coach is to enable staff to retain ownership of, and decide, the direction and rate of change over time. The sessions will include presentations as well as interesting, fun and thought provoking practical activities. Team building can be well supported by emotional intelligence development.

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