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Counselling Services for Social or Emotional Issues

There are times in the lives of most people when we have difficulties. We receive the help that we need from others such as family and friends, but sometimes the best way to bring about positive change is to speak to a professional such as a psychologist, who is trained in helping people move forward with things that may be troubling them.

Benefits of counselling for you or your child:
Counselling involves helping the adult / child to develop a greater understanding of his / her situation and explore ways forward. It is a positive experience, enabling the client to develop as a person and often involves identifying underused strengths and qualities that can be used to bring about change.

For some people it can be beneficial to explore past events and situations, as a greater understanding of what has happened can help them to move on. Other people need to look ahead and in these situations a solution-focussed approach may be used. In practice, a combination of methods is often best, including discussion, drawing and producing an action plan. Drawing, games and role-play are particularly useful with children. Sometimes a task or skill to practise are suggested for the client to try out in a safe way in-between sessions with the help of the psychologist.

Other helpful techniques include relaxation and imagery, taking care of ourselves and emotional well-being, hypnosis, anger management and learning new social/ emotional (sometimes known as emotional intelligence or emotional literacy) skills. Other relaxation and health techniques include those drawn upon my long-term experience of meditation, T’ai Chi and qi gong (pronounced “chee gung”).

Some reasons why someone may seek counselling
• Loss of confidence
• Anxiety
• Grief, loss, separation and divorce
• Critical incident debriefing
• Upset, feeling down
• Making friends and improving relationships
• Stress
• Anger management and keeping calm
• Relaxation
• Worries academic progress at school, college, university and elsewhere
• Family relationships
• School attendance/ school refusal/ school phobia
• Taking care of ourselves and emotional well-being
• Relationships at work
• Feeling different and that you don’t fit in
• Exam/ test anxiety
• Problems due to being gifted
• Bully victim/ bullying
• Wanting to plan ways forward at work, but don’t know where to start
• Developing as a person

How many sessions will be needed?
This depends on the issues and complexity of the situation, as well as the goals of the client. In counselling, the aim is to help bring about change in as short a time as possible, with large numbers of sessions not usually necessary. Sometimes only one to two sessions will be needed, but as a general rule of thumb only 4-6 sessions often being necessary. Clients may choose to benefit from further sessions, or may come on an occasional basis to maintain improvement and plan for any impending change. Others may choose to arrange sessions not simply as a response to a problem, but to maintain well-being.

NB: If you have any concerns about medical health, please consult your GP or other appropriate health practitioner.

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