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Learning Skills, including Numeracy and Literacy

Literacy and numeracy are key skills of modern life as they affect most areas of the school curriculum and are essential for many parts of adult life and success. Some students may have difficulties across many areas of the curriculum, or in specific skills such as literacy, numeracy or particular subjects. There are many factors that can affect these skills such as concentration, motivation, teaching techniques and absences from school.

However recent research now describes a key underlying skill for the development of literacy as then ability to use and manipulate sounds. Phonics has long been taught in many schools, but the government Department for Education and Skills (DfES) is now advocating the teaching of synthetic phonics, different to many phonics approaches as it is based on phonemes (the smallest unit of sound). During literacy assessments I examine a variety of skills including phonemic / synthetic phonics, to help identify the exact skills that the person possesses and to recommend specific skills and activities to bring about progress. I also have much experience in providing training for schools in the teaching of synthetic phonics / phonemic approaches to literacy.

Assessments also take into account many other factors such as social and emotional skills, concentration, motivation and thinking skills. See below for more information.

Adult literacy and numeracy:
Adults too may be concerned about their own literacy or numeracy and may have lost confidence as a result, be embarrassed about, or try to hide their difficulties. Adult literacy difficulties are relatively common and there are now a number of adult education literacy and numeracy courses available, yet some people may be too worried to attend. I can help you examine these difficulties, as well as strengths, in a sympathetic and confidential manner, to help identify the best ways to help you improve. In some cases it may be more a case of focussing upon confidence or motivation, rather than the actual literacy skills themselves.

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