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Thinking Skills

The term Thinking skills (sometimes also called metacognition) refers to thinking about how to think, awareness of your own thinking processes. Some people are more aware of how they think than others and yet this is a key skill affecting learning and success. It involves skills such as planning, checking, knowing how to remember and self-questioning. People with good thinking skills have a range of clear strategies that they are able to utilise and are more likely to be successful in learning than those who find learning difficult. Becoming more aware of how we think and remember helps us to further develop our learning.

In contrast to the traditional view of intelligence, as mainly fixed, the concept of thinking skills has been influenced by the theory of multiple intelligences (e.g. Gardner, 1993). Multiple intelligences (MI) views us all as having not one, but a number of different intelligences such as verbal or musical intelligence and that these can be taught and developed. The number of intelligences suggested varies according to the views of the psychologist / researcher and it may well be that there is no exact number of different intelligences. Nevertheless, the concept can be useful as a positive way of viewing people as having a number of skills to be appreciated by themselves and others and that these multiple intelligences can be developed further.

The concept of thinking skills holds that thinking skills can be taught to children and adults, resulting in improvement of their learning, understanding and attainment, in both everyday learning as well as tests and exams.

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